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The right font for you

The fonts you choose can have a huge impact on the way your brand communicates to your audience. Different fonts are used for various purposes, depending on the tone and aesthetic you are trying to create. The go to categories when looking for fonts are Serif or Sans Serif fonts. They were designed to make it easier for people to read words, making most Serif and Sans Serif fonts a good fit for many different kinds of business. Some fonts are meant to be a little quirkier and make a bolder statement, those are more suitable for niche businesses with a targeted audience.  

So how to choose the right font?

Here are a few of our expert tips to help you on your font journey. 

Tip #1 Make sure your font’s personality matches your brand’s personality 

Your typeface communicates more than your message it illustrates whether you’re direct, loud, sophisticated, playful, feminine or timeless. It’s essential not to exclusively choose based on fonts you like, but rather ones that align with your brand personality.

Tip #2 Our favourite fonts

Our team of designers use a vast library of fonts, but we do always have our most favourite. “go-to”ones. These are usually the most versatile and legible which makes communications much smoother to produce and means your audience aren’t having to scrunch their eyes as they read your latest promotional emailer.  

Some of our favourites typefaces include – Helvetica (of course), Gotham, Avenir, Fleur and Futura. 

Tip #3 – Going solo 

Don’t be afraid to use one typeface across your entire brand. Fonts such as Libre Baskerville have style variants, providing you with plenty of options to create nuances without overcomplicating your designs.  

Tip #4 – Font Pairings

If you’re not ready to use one typeface for everything there is font pairings. The easiest pairings are partnering a sans serif front with a serif font.  But this isn’t a set rule, we often like to shake things up. For a tidy and contemporary pairing we would suggest Bebas and Montserrat.

Choosing the right font is a great way to immediately create a visual experience for your audience. If you’re interested in developing a new brand image or thinking about shaking up your existing identity then get in touch, we would love to chat with you.  


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