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The Importance of Stylists in Production

On any shoot or production, it’s not just the photographer or videographer making it happen, there are many people working behind the scenes to create our beautiful content.

A key part of this team is our stylists – from model to mannequin, from tabletop to creative still life, our stylists have a keen eye for the tiny details making sure all of the content we produce is perfect.


On model shoots, stylists will pull outfits together, meaning it’s important they keep on top of current styling trends. They will also ensure the garments are fitting the model correctly, and be on set throughout the session to ensure any styling issues are corrected as soon as possible.

Our stylists also get to use their creativity with our lifestyle and still life shoots, taking any given brief and running with it. They work with a wide variety of products and subjects, anything from clothing to food, and they use their talents to create beautiful set ups, producing striking results.


And it doesn’t stop there – our stylists also work on ecom mannequin and tabletop shoots, where it’s imperative that products are styled perfectly and consistently throughout. Each client is different, and our team follow strict style guides which enable us to produce consistent, high quality imagery that will sit seamlessly with products shot previously.

Our stylists are a crucial part of our team, and it really shows in the fantastic imagery and videos we create.


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