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Right Strapline for you

The most effective straplines have the ability to weave their way into our everyday thoughts, they can evoke deep feelings of nostalgia, joy and sadness, and ultimately, we believe, they can change behaviour and boost sales. But creating a strapline is rarely an easy task, it takes a good deal of delving into the brands ethos, values and purpose for it all to be rounded up in one short sentence. Many call a strapline a ‘mini handful of words’ that is both powerful and purposeful. We wanted to explore straplines a little further and give 5 of our most handy tips when creating your own strapline.  

But first, what is a strapline?

A strapline is a subheading of sorts – you might also hear it referred to as a slogan, or a tagline – that highlights your business in just a few words.  

For instance iconic straplines include Nike’s “Just Do It” and De Beer’s “A Diamond is Forever”. So how can we create one? Here are our tips to identifying what might be the perfect strapline for you. 

Tip #1 Creating a descriptive strapline

Simply describing what your business does, this can be a useful approach to take if your business is difficult to understand, recently launched or if you have an usual brand name.

Tip #2 Using a call to action strapline 

This type of strapline can be emotionally engaging as the consumer is asked to imagine the feeling of using the brand or following it’s ethos.

Tip #3 – A thought provoking strapline

This kind of strapline asks customers to rethink or change their opinion of the brand. This approach can high impact but sometimes high risk.

Tip #4 – Best in class strapline

This type of strapline is designed to position your brand as best in class or category. It can help to differentiate your brand and make it difficult for competitors in the same sector. For example Carlsberg’s “Probably the best lager in the world”.

Tip #5 – Master of your category strapline

This form of strapline aims to establish leadership  in your sector by either taking the high ground or taking possession of a generic benefit of the brand.

A strapline transforms your brand ethos into a simple soundbite. Be sure to choose yours wisely. To learn more tips or find out more on what we can offer, get in touch! We can’t wait to hear from you.


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