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Print isn't dead

With the average person spending around 7 hours a day looking at their screen, we find ourselves with very little time to appreciate the printed word. So much of the media we consumer these days is digital. It comes to our devices; we scroll, distracted by ads and other pop ups. But there is something your phone cannot replicate in print and that is the smell of opening a new book, or paper, the freshly printed pages dancing open, ready to be seen. 

Print offers an alternative, tactile experience that encourages browsing. With digital publications we are actively seek out stories, engaging intently with the topic we are focused on but closed to other input, but with print it doesn’t allow for that. It can be very tricky to stand out in such a crowded market, however print can invoke real emotions from your audience.  

Whilst digital content typically focuses on one topic, such as this piece, highlighting one unified goal in order for our audience to engage with it, print content can be more expansive. Print is seen as more trustworthy by consumers that online sources. In a consumer survey 31% of respondents said they trusted print advertising compared to just 11% who trusted search engine advertising. Digital is for the everyday whilst for many, printed content isn’t and therefore should inspire your audience beyond the usual and reward their trust.  (Statista 2023)  

We do believe there is something calming about holding a publication. There is a moment of appreciation for the thing itself – the feel of the paper, the colour, smell and even how its bound. This all created a calmer state of mind that leaves people more open to the experience than a digital interaction does.  

For instance an experience holiday brochure we were looking through recently. It was a beautifully curated piece of content that visually showcases each destination, evoking a sunshine feeling of pure relaxation. Their layout, visuals and storytelling sent you on a journey to which you could easily picture being there, switching off, totally carefree. The digital experience in comparison did not challenge this, with its overbearing distractions, luring you into a deep digital dive.  

In a digital saturated world print offers the opportunity to create a luxury experience that encourages your audience to explore your content at their own pace, discovering new interests as they go. Digital experiences cannot be replicated in print and visa versa. Neither cancels out the other and both have a valid place in marketing.  

So when you are curating your next marketing strategy, don’t forget about print. It is so far from dead, in fact we believe it is thriving.  

Our team of Designers have years of experience working with printed assets, from brochures to annual reports, billboards to bus livery, get in touch to find out more


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