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Embrace the power of stunning ecommerce Photography

Here at Red Creative, ecommerce photography is like bread and butter for our Production team. We cover every aspect of the shoot from start to finish, with a dedicated team that always has your products at the centre of their focus.  

Here’s a breakdown of what we do: 

  • Preparation – logging in product against our detailed trackers and steaming / organising / addressing any queries ahead of the shoot, so the day will run seamlessly.  

  • Model casting – we’ll find the perfect fit for your brand to bring your products to life.  

  • Shoot day  - producing inspiring ecommerce imagery at high volume, consistently time after time. All lighting set ups and styling guides are regularly updated and referred to on every shoot, meaning your imagery will look the same online, shoot after shoot. With dedicated stylists and make up artists always on set, every detail of your products will be showcased in their very best light.  

  • Post-production – our expertise ensures every aspect, whether model or still life, adheres to your guidelines. Cleaning up backgrounds, skin retouch and enhancing product features are just a few things we’ll do to create captivating imagery that drive sales. Products shot across multiple set-ups like on-model, ghost mannequin or flat-lay are colour matched across the set so that all product views compliment each other.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, we know consistency is key for ecommerce imagery, and we take pride in our work knowing we will always deliver consistent, high quality, cost effective visuals for your brand.  


Interested? Get in contact to start your journey with us. 


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