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Benefits of working with a Creative Agency

Graphic Design Edition 

With the number of brands immerging and intense competition building, graphic design has become something that helps brands differentiate themselves keeping you looking fresh and relevant. The logo, illustrations, iconography, colours, typography, packaging and websites all combine to create a unique brand image for your company. 

Some companies hire in-house designers or freelancers, however the benefit of using a graphics team such as our amazing Designers at Red is that you will be working with the most talented specialists.  

So why is your brand in need of a graphic design team and how will you benefit from working with a creative agency, in this article we will explain how.  

Why are you in need of a graphic design team? 

You may not want to put a lot of effort into graphic design because you don’t believe it is important. The reality is your audience care a lot and not just about that.  

Graphic design ensures the right visual communication with your audience. Today, everyone’s attention span is becoming shorter and shorter and no one wants to read long texts describing who you are. They simply won’t pay attention if you explain everything by text despite now having longer reels to do so. They would prefer it if you build your relationship using visual elements.  

We love it when everything looks beautiful and professional so why differ because it’s your company. Amazing graphics helps your audience to acknowledge you’re the expert and they can trust you.  

There are lots of reasons why you need to implement graphic design in your strategy, and not just creating a random logo and colourful illustrations. You need a well-thought through design strategy that would work towards achieving your goals as a brand. This is where our team comes in.  

Here are some of the advantages we believe you will have for working with our team.  

A team of professionals  

At Red we have a team of graphic and web designers, animators and copywriters who are very experienced in their areas so when working with us you can expect to work with people who are really passionate about what they do. What is more, our extensive portfolio of clients will mean we most likely have worked with a brand from your industry and know the best solutions for your graphic design needs. As we are a full service agency access to a range of services does not stop at graphics. From photography, videography to retouch we can cover all aspects of your branding and visual identity.  

Increased Productivity 

You might not have thought about this, but working with us can save a lot of your time allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. You won’t have to worry about the design anymore and spend your time creating your logo, website and ads. We will handle everything allowing your processes to become faster, increasing your productivity and business growth.  

It will save your financial resources 

Contrary to popular belief that an agency is too expensive, it can actually save you money. We don’t cookie-cut our packages, all our clients have bespoke services tailored to their needs and budget. When you invest in high-quality design services, you will have more chances to generate more income due to the clear visual communication with your customers. Its a win-win, when you save time, you save money.  

Strategic Approach 

We believe this is one of the strongest benefits on the list. Freelancers or even in-house designers, who have many other tasks and projects to do, may not take a detailed approach to your graphic design. If you’re background isn’t in design you many not even notice problems with the design output which can be littered with failures that are easy to miss for the untrained eye. At Red we take a strategic approach to your design. Our main goal is a happy client and before we even start creating designs, we will thoroughly analyse your competitors and the market to develop a unique design style for you.  

High-Quality Design  

As touched on at the beginning of the article, our team are real experts at what they do and because of that we only produce high-quality, relevant designs that really stand out. We actively work towards ensuring client satisfaction. Our designers work on a large variety of projects so have a strong grasp of trends, theory and practical implementation. Top quality designs will help you increase your brand recognition and build your reputation. Especially, if you’re an ecommerce company, graphic design and the overall design of your website are crucial for your success. 

Graphic design is responsible for the visual communication between you and your customers. Thats why you need to ensure it done to the highest standards and that is what we offer. We will take care of your graphic design needs and support you in creating a much stronger brand.  


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