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Under the skin of Alumier

Some projects not only allow you to get truly creative, but to do so, you also get the opportunity to research and learn something new. With Alumier MD, we had the freedom to take the brand forward and embrace their USPs through thought-provoking, well produced imagery.

In-depth research into how to capture the sustainability of the brand as well as communicating the benefits of these products was our starting point. Visually illustrating anti-pollution benefits through the use of smoke and mirrors or hydration through water and glycation with cracked surfaces and textures allowed us to get 'under the skin' of the product and demonstrate what it's all about without having to add lots of complicated text to explain it.

Everyday sunscreen protection is a key initiative for Alumier and we took the opportunity here to create a series of time-lapse gifs to mimic the sun moving over a 24hr period, showing the longevity of their products in an innovative way. We also demonstrated how the sunscreen protects you from all other everyday pollutants by shooting with smoke and water on a screen in front of the product.

It proved to be an informative shoot for everyone and one where what felt initially like a big set of challenges were overcome with a strong set of on-brand visuals to stand apart from their competitors.

A truly fabulous project to work on and one which provided Alumier with immediate impact across their brand.

You can find out more about this unique skincare brand here

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