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Our Favourite Trends of 2020

It has been a year of surprises for us all and the creative team at RED have loved seeing plenty of unique trends throughout design, photography and animation.

We've listed a few of our favourite ones below...

Metallic Accents

Using metallic materials on packaging and print materials has been a big hit this year, with gold and silver foils being incorporated into branding, icons, and patterns for a luxury finish. One of our favourite examples of this (biased, of course) are the L'azurde jewellery boxes which feature the iconic logo on a classic burgundy smooth-finish box. They are simple, but timeless with the gold accent highlighting the luxury element of the brand.

Colour Gradients

Thanks to digital industry leading brands like Instagram, we've started seeing a lot more branding and illustrations that use gradient fill colours and overlays. We love how this effect can work with more vivid colours and sometimes more tonal palettes to give a fresh and modern look, whilst also not being too flat and boring. Earlier this year, we designed some logos for ESPO's 40th Birthday celebration where we were able to create some concepts using gradients and coloured overlays - take a look at a few below.

Authentic Photography

There has been an emerging appetite for more authentic photography content over the past few years, however this trend has really shone throughout 2020 with more and more brands producing stay-at-home content with more natural imagery rather than typical staged campaign photography. Brands such as Nike and ASOS are just two of the brands we saw really channeling this trend on their social media platforms, with ASOS even dropping the traditional model ecom shots on their website for stay-at-home model shots. Keep an eye out for the new FG4 SS21 campaign for some fun, relatable at-home content...


Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typefaces are being used more and more across brands to create extra eye-catching graphics which drive more interest and make the user more likely to read into the content. Digital brands are incorporating this style on their websites, and on their social media channels to attract attention. We love this trend as it can make simple graphic content so much more fun!

The team here at RED are really excited to see what content we'll be producing in the future, but what were your favourite trends of 2020?

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