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ESPO SmartBuy is back with a brand new look!

This has been an exciting journey and one we're proud to share with you. Starting from research and customer feedback, we've been able to explore names and design layouts, colours and fonts, shapes and textures, to deliver a strong rebrand for Espo which brings their creative up to date and showcases the SmartBuy collection of products as affordable and desirable and able to compete with and overtake the rest of the market.

We didn't hold back on experimenting with new names and how the logo could work across mixed media settling after testing and trialling, on the original name of SmartBuy, but with a modern new palette and font which is both approachable and eye-catching. The colours are key in the design to bring the logo to life, representing the different categories and diversity of product available. The rounded font feels inviting and approachable, modern and clean in its appeal.

Across the product sectors, we created packaging layouts by introducing the use of the squares, which tonally follow the order of the logo colours but are scattered across the design surface to reference pixels. All products were mocked up in order to create a detailed style-guide on do's and don'ts for the suppliers to work to and maintain consistency of look across the varied product categories.

And to complete the suite of work on the refresh, we had fun creating a bespoke brochure which has been used for the relaunch and which reflects not only the new layout through the branding and use of coloured squares behind the photography, but also totally transforms what was previously a great value product which looked tired and cheap into a great value product you want to purchase to put on your desk and know you can trust.

All imagery shot and styled, retouched and artworked by Red's inhouse team.

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