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Creativity and Coronavirus

2020 may not be what we expected but we’re still here at RED CREATIVE building brands and pushing boundaries. As we all set about adjusting to these seismic changes we’ve taken a look at what we know as creative thinkers and the implications for businesses around the world.

Reset and Rethink

The reality is we are all a bit different now compared to the beginning of 2020 – the things we care about might have changed so it seems right for your brand and your culture to take stock of the differences and adapt where needed. Making these adjustments no matter how big or small should always be carefully considered; at Red Creative we provide the research to ensure any decisions you make are well informed.

Maintaining a strong brand image is essential as you take on board all the changes. Resetting doesn’t have to be about wiping the slate clean and restarting from scratch, more looking at how you can continue to build brand awareness, evolve your creditability and highlight your advocacy from your consumers.

Give yourself a roadmap of where you want your brand to get to, you can do this by setting critical

steps and targets that will help to breakdown any changes you might feel are necessary. An example can be increasing communication and interaction to your customers, letting them know you’re here and open for business. At RED we provide the strategy and visual content for you to communicate to your audience through your social media channels. Studies have shown that the number of social media interactions correlates to the visits of your company’s website, as your social interaction increases so can your website traffic.

Going Digital

We have seen many organisations over the past few months leap to a digital platform in order to stay visible. The class of 2020 at the Royal College of Art’s, along with the help of high-profile guest curators Es Devlin and Edward Enninful, saw their graduate show digitally curated for the first time. Showcasing their projects within their own page, the opening celebrations spanned three international time zones during the two week programme.

Magazine The Big Issue saw an overnight loss of 80% due it’s vendors who earn a living selling the magazine being forced off the streets during the first lockdown in England. Thanks to the combination of quick thinking and creativity within the magazine they released a subscription business that allowed consumers to still buy the magazine and support the vendors whilst they were unable to sell. As we pass the half way point of the second lockdown in England the need to go digital has never been more relevant.


Trust in a brand image has never been more important. Looking back the Internet has unanimously rejected brands such as Pepsi during their Black Lives Matter protest in 2017 where Kendall Jenner was seen giving a can of pop to the Police Officer. The Marketers planned for this to convey togetherness and unity but instead was scorned at its attempt.

Today we see emotive messages which are directed at the heartstrings of millennials flop. We as consumers and creative leaders at RED experience the bombardment of various forms of advertising each day. As a team we are driven to make smarter decisions and deliver both aesthetically and commercially to ensure your communications showcase authenticity and stand out in an increasingly noisy playing field.

Creating content that is authentic to your brand image will help to build a community of consumers who have based their decision making on your brand values, they have invested in your vision. Every single marketing action has a value for the long-term good of the brand. Whilst the benefits may not be immediately seen as we reach the end of 2020 it most definitely creates the platform for a stronger brand authenticity in the future. This is why we believe focusing on brand purpose is so valuable and is something that as a company you can capitalise on for many years to come.

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