• Kenson Tyler-Lai

Autumn with FG4

As the days get shorter and the nights colder, there's a sense of excitement for the new season, Autumn! Here at Red we love the changing seasons and creating the campaigns for clients to launch throughout the year. Whilst everyone was enjoying the sunny days it got rather autumnal in the studio as we shot FG4 kids latest collection.

One of our specialisms is set design for our many varied shoots. We make a really clear creative direction for our clients to sign up to, so they know exactly what to expect on the day, usually with a pre-light test to make sure we can make the most of our shooting time. This time our set was interchangeable with lots of different props to give each image it's own look, a mix and match of textures and colours to work with both the girls and boys collections.

The children had lots of fun on the day playing and posing on set and modelling all the lovely clothes. Styling is an important part of our process on any shoot, so our team of stylist's were on set making sure each outfit received their keen eye for detail, we wanted to product to look lived in as it would be in real life, not too pristine. With kids running and jumping all over the set, we didn't have much choice really. It did help us capture amazing shots, lots of character and personality which we took through into a bespoke edited video for social media too.

Once the final images were retouched our design team created bespoke window designs tailored to individual store models and in store decor so customers at FG4 could see the whole campaign brought to life.

Look out for the winter shoot images, coming soon, you might even get the opportunity to model :-)

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