• Kenson Tyler-Lai

Summer with L'Azurde Jewellery

Introducing L'Azurde - the largest gold and jewellery designer, manufacturer, and distributor in the Middle East and the 4th largest jewellery manufacturer worldwide.

Our experience in the fashion world is invaluable to the L'Azurde brand, pushing boundaries and evolving their brand into a more contemporary, fashion forward aesthetic fit to expand around the globe.

Working closely with the L'Azurde marketing team, we lead the creative path for each campaign from start to finish. Starting with the top line concepts, we create that marketing story to set the tone for the season. We then look at everything from model & still life shoot creatives, to the seasonal colour palettes & graphics, to the social media planning and content.

Based in the Middle-East, we have the pick of shoot locations, this summer was Dubai. The story of this campaign is based on the theme of women's freedom, their ability to choose their own path and create their own happiness. This was communicated through the the free-flowing relaxed posing, vast space and empowering camera angles.

We direct every detail within these shoots - from hair & make-up and fashion styling, to crops and camera angles and everything in between, always ensuring we achieve the scene setters alongside the beautiful jewellery crops to showcase the product.

To ensure we fully understand the markets L'Azurde currently trade in, we regularly visit both Saudi Arabia and Egypt to review the current stores and kiosks and propose new and fresh ways to display both marketing materials in store and how to modernise the VM in windows and internally each season.

Gifs, still life shots and videos are great pace changers to keep the audience engaged. Ensuring the campaign creative continues through all content is key, achieving consistency across all channels; stores, social, website etc. Followers on Social Media are loving the new direction and the increase in following is developing fast.

All content is strategically planned to ensure enough engaging content is created for the campaign, considering all up-coming marketing events and promotions. Also, considering the audience and prime times to post varying content.

We're currently working on the next campaign, so keep a look out for where our next L'Azurde campaign might take us.

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