• Kenson Tyler-Lai

Boutique Fashion Website Refresh

Another new fashion collection for Jennifer Anne means another exciting website refresh for us to work on. We love the new look and more importantly, so does Jennifer.

Not only has Jennifer Anne got a New Casual Clothing collection to sit alongside her Tailored range, she has now started a wonderful collaboration with Cabinet Jewellery, so instinctively wanted to push these new lines.

We switched up the banner design from single, full width images to a contemporary collage effect featuring multiple images, allowing us to present the new collections to the customer instantly.

The versatility of our studio meant we could shoot the new clothing and jewellery ranges across model, creative still life and ecom, giving this boutique brand a perfect new library of imagery to push the brand forward and keep it looking fresh and new.

Click here for the full website and see our photography, design and web build come alive.

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