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My Work Experience

My name is Ffion Healy and for the past two weeks, I have been working alongside and learning from the talented team at Red Creative. When I was first considering what I would do for work experience this summer I knew that wherever I went I wanted to be in a creative environment where I could learn about how business and creativity co exist in a professional setting. Therefore Red Creative was a perfect match for everything I wanted from a work experience.

As soon as I arrived it was all hustle and bustle as it was only four days until the creative agency’s big open studio event. I quickly began work, hoping I could be of help in this busy time. As I have a background in marketing and had recently passed a module in social media marketing at Swansea University it was agreed this would be my focus for the majority of my time at Red Creative.

However, I started my work experience by helping the studios senior stylist in creating props for the welcome table that would be on display at the open studio event. I was happy to get an opportunity to be creative and work with my hands. Once I had finished making the origami cacti that would be used as the tables centre piece I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment in what I had created.

I spent the rest of my time before the studios event helping several members of the team with odd jobs that needed to be done. I largely worked with the shoot coordinator, helping her create displays of the company’s work in time for the open event. I had also done a small amount of social media promotion of the event before it took place, taking pictures and writing posts that were then published on the company’s official social media pages in order to do a last minute social media push just before the evening began.

During the open studio event I was stationed at the front door to welcome people as they arrived, offering refreshments and guiding them in the direction of the rest of the team, it was a lovely evening.

After the event the company’s social media presence really became my focus, and I decided to take on the task of analysing the company’s social media statistics and assess their strengths and weaknesses. I gathered all the analytics I could and had the opportunity to present my findings to the company’s creative director. We sat down for a meeting where we discussed ideas and possibilities for the future of the businesses’ social media.

This has been an extremely enriching and beneficial experience for me and I would like to thank every member of staff for being so wonderful and truly making this a pleasurable and educating experience for me.

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