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Open Studio Event

Yesterday we hosted our first open studio event at our brand new location here in Gloucestershire. The sun was out and prosecco was flowing as our talented team and guests chatted about the exciting work we have done, across design, photography and production.

Once everyone had sampled our amazing canapés they were ready to make the most of the opportunity and see what we can do for them, allowing us to bring their product to life on our photography sets. We were able to work with a variety of products as we had a model on hand as well as the ability to photograph still life in our social media booths in fun and creative ways, thanks to our talented in house photographers and stylists.

Although the sun was getting lower in the sky, the spirits were still high within the Red Creative studio. With our founder George Davies, who also created successful brands such as NEXT, George at Asda and Per Una, being in attendance, our guests had the opportunity to talk to the style visionary about what we at Red Creative do.

After a busy evening of capturing the beautiful products guest brought in, the event began to wind down and people started to make their way back home having enjoyed themselves, as well as having learnt about our creative agency.

Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed!

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