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Playtime with ESPO

ESPO asked us to create an eye-catching, engaging design for their new annual 2018/2019 product catalogue that was also easy for their customers to navigate. With thousands of items at great prices to choose from, it was important to keep the categories clear and the products at the forefront of our focus. With a varied target market ranging from the education sector through to health and government, it needed to have a broad appeal.

Our brief was to bring the product to life, to make it real and add some character to the brand, a challenge we relished and evolved through both the photography and the design. High quality photography featuring early years, primary and secondary school level children having fun and interacting with the range of products ESPO has to offer created an exciting front cover to set the tone for the rest of the catalogue. Having playful imagery helped break up the lead-in product pages to make flipping through the categories easier to distinguish and easier on the eye.

After the success of the catalogue redesign, we looked at a supplement targeted at schools across the entire range of exercise books on offer using bespoke still-life photography to showcase each product and help develop the quality credentials ESPO are known for, standing them ahead of their competitors.

The result - a bold and confident edition to the main catalogue, layout with photography which raises the presentation of product to leading industry standards.

Keep your eye out for the ESPO catalogue popping up in classrooms around the UK and don't forget to follow us on social media to see all of our latest imagery and get a sneak peak behind the scenes here in the studio.

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