• Kenson Tyler-Lai

January is brighter with Joules

The one thing that is always reliable this time of year in the UK is the wet weather. But just because the forecast is a bit gloomy doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be. Joules has a fantastic range of clothes that are not only bright and beautiful but will also keep you from getting damp on the dog walk or the journey to work.

Joules always injects colour and charm into each of their products, making them unique and a delight to own. We used powder blue backdrops in these images to compliment the blue tones of the bags and tanned shoes and also contrast against the pop of yellow.

The composition of these images were thought through to ensure they were perfect for digital website banners, filling the space with room to add text. The soft coloured backdrops compliment the product without taking away from it and the slight shadowing creates depth.

To get ready for the new season and check out the rest of the new arrivals, head on over to the Joules website here and keep an eye out for our photography on social media.

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