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Tu Says Relax...

This weekend the clocks go back an hour signifying the arrival of Autumn. With the days shortening and the nights creeping in on us earlier and earlier, it’s the time of the year to snuggle down and keep warm.

With Winter fast approaching, Tu at Sainsbury’s have everything you need in order to endure the cold months and kick back in their cosy A/W17 collection.

From warm woollen knits to fluffy slippers, cosy coats, hats and scarves, Tu have it covered for everything Autumn and Winter have to throw at us.

So, for their A/W campaign Tu asked us to shoot their collection as still life to support their beautiful model imagery. With a casual aesthetic and simple lighting and backdrop, the comfy appeal of the collection is hard to miss. Our team styled the collection with a distinctly informal approach, where folds of fabric and layering of pieces convey the easy-going nature of the winter months; a time to throw caution to the frosty wind and wrap up in something comfortable and loose.

Against a blank canvas of white, shoes were purposefully placed as if they had been kicked off in an attempt to rush through the door to warm slippers. Shirts, deliberately positioned to look as if they had been flung off in a hurry to jump into a hot bath, and stacked knitwear toppling over as if ready to throw on before speeding out the door on a frost-bitten morning.

Of course, it’s a fine art styling a collection in a relaxed way – but we think you’ll agree, it works perfectly for the season ahead; a time in the year to allow yourself to get comfy and ....RELAX. With that in mind, Autumn doesn’t seem so awful now does it? Perhaps it’s time for a hot chocolate, you do have that one extra hour after all...

See our work below...

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