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Nuco International is a wonderful British company that prides itself on creating the highest quality paper products that are not only stylish but affordable. The brand boasts a wide range of products, from classic colours to paper made of stone. It was important for us to show off this fantastic range through our photography and styling.

Each line that Nuco creates is made with dedication and passion, focusing on creating a product for everyone. We took this on board when approaching the styling of each collection. For example, the NU:Era collection is aimed towards the everyday person on the go, offering a durable, quality product that won't break the bank. When you think of those three things, one group in particular comes to mind. Students. These notebooks are at the perfect price point for throwing in your bag and running to lectures, whilst still looking fashionable. We created a desk set in the studio, complete with dim lighting, a desk lamp and personal ornaments to give the feel of a real student's desk.

The NU:Elite range is aimed towards a very different crowd. With it's sleek black colour and carefully constructed design, this collection is geared towards the business professional. A textured background created a neutral background for the classic products, with some office essentials- a cup of coffee, glasses and a hint of tech to finish the transformation from studio to boardroom.

One of the main features that sets the Nuco products apart from its competitors is the range of vibrant colours they offer. Bold pinks, striking blues, and stand out greens are just some of the colours the notebooks come in. When approaching the styling of these colourful products, props were selected, not only suit the stationery theme, but to match the hue of the items. With bright lighting and a modern layout, each image celebrates the colour and fun of the notebooks.

These images were created to be used across the Nuco website, from homepage banners to their digital catalogue. If you would like to see more of the photography, visit the Nuco website here and here

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