• Kenson Tyler-Lai

All that glitters is gold

Launching a new product is always an exciting challenge. Creating the look and feel of the campaign that will not only feature in store and in catalogues but also across online platforms is something we excel at here at Red.

Zohoor Alreef were preparing for the Ramadan celebrations and asked us to create a campaign that would reflect the warm and joyous spirit of the season.

The inspiration behind the photo shoot came from the products themselves. Each bottle in the Extra D'oree perfumes range was a different coloured metallic. From copper to gold, each shade was incorporated into the shoot through stars, fans and foils and glitter was brought in to give it that extra littlesparkle.

The result was a luxurious and vibrant shoot that was perfect to help promote the perfumes for the gift giving season.

Keep an eye out for some more still life imagery as we are shooting another campaign with Zohoor Alreef next week! For a sneak peek at what's coming up, follow us on social media.

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