• Kenson Tyler-Lai

The Outdoor Edit

After great success last year with Cuprinol’s lookbook, it’s back again! The client wanted to maintain a consistent brand look and feel for a distinctive, easily recognisable design, whilst achieving a fresh look for 2017. We took this challenge in our stride and nailed it - the final product is the proof!

It was imperative to create a striking, impossible to miss design to bring their stunning imagery to life, to ensure we caught the eye of top tier media within the home and lifestyle industry.

This 32 page look-book takes us through 4 different approaches to outdoor living: Outdoor Cooking, Work Space, Family Retreat and Entertaining, giving everyone the perfect approach for their garden. Each story has its own distinct colour palette which is incorporated into the design, perfectly complimenting the imagery. With bold typography, interesting layouts of full bleed, borders and montages and behind the scene shots, this look-book achieves a premium, yet un-polished look and feel, conveying these aspirational, but achievable outdoor concepts.

For a quirky final touch, hidden in the back of the look-book, are 4 ‘How to’ pull out guides to go alongside each story. As a continuation of the look-book design, these practical pull-outs are perfect to help you on your way to achieving your perfect garden.


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