• Kenson Tyler-Lai

Command Attention

Our studio is rarely quiet here at Red Creative, but when we get the chance, we love to experiment with our own photo shoots. The fashion industry is forever changing and evolving and it's great for us to challenge ourselves with our own briefs. From creating mood boards to editing the final images, we get to make every creative decision which is always a lot of fun!


The art of power dressing is a fashion trend typically seen in business and political environments to portray importance and authority. The person finds the perfect outfit and tailors it to their frame, creating a look that commands attention and respect. It has become popular amongst fashion houses, with the original influence for the power dressing trend coming from the Chanel suit, and with the feminist movement gaining more attention every single day, it has become an important trend for women to show their equality amongst their male peers. Influenced by all of the elements that create the power dressing trend, the shoot became an editorial celebration of the powerful woman.

Masculine and feminine pieces were paired together, with different textures and cuts, to create a strong and distinctive look. For make up, the eyes were defined with a bold red hue across the lid, finished with a sharp edge and a strong brow. To contrast the intense eye make up, the hair was styled with a soft voluminous curl to add a feminine touch to the overall look.

A gorgeous deep emerald fabric was draped across the set to create a simple but luxurious backdrop for the photo shoot and the soft lighting highlighted all of the elements on set delicately. Everything came together to create a beautiful series of images that display the strength and power women possess.

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