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Express your style in your home!

Here at Red we are all about celebrating your own style. One of our favourite brands that shares our passion for individual style and unique personality is finally launching in the UK! Maisons du Monde is a gorgeous French furniture and decor brand that offers something for everyone's style. From touk touk bars to velvet chairs, country to industrial influences, we guarantee you will find something that will help you express yourself and add a certain je ne sais quoi to your home.

“Creativity and craftmenship is at the heart of what we do” - Anne-Laure Couplet, Global Brand Director of Maisons du Monde Maisons du Monde offers some of the most unique and stylish interior pieces in the market today, following trends and gathering inspiration from all over the world. The team carefully creates fashionable pieces full of character that you can't find anywhere else. To support their products and give their launch an extra boost, the brand wanted an editorial style snippet of their catalogue to entice and excite people about what is new for 2017.

We wanted to highlight the lifestyle side of the Masions du Monde, as any item from the French brand has the ability to transform a space. A beautiful, full page image of a room filled with products is the first thing you see on each spread in the catalogue. From that image, we used a mixture of cutouts and smaller lifestyle shots to show the products in more detail.

Although we wanted the design to have a strong editorial feel, we didn’t want to lose the fun and quirky personality of the brand. So we brought it in through small design details. Each spread has a breakdown of the featured trend written in a font style that looks like a handwritten note from the designer. We also included elements like bulldog clips and fabric swatches that you would find in a design studio, to give the feel the pages come straight from the designer's desk.

This catalogue is just a small sample of what Maisons du Monde has to offer, discover more and shop online at

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