• Kenson Tyler-Lai

The Taste of Italy

With summer just around the corner, we have been getting in the mood with Zohoor Alreef by creating a quirky Italian Fig campaign. Zohoor Alreef sell a wide range of perfume and body and skin care products, based in Saudi Arabia. They set out to create a buzz around their new fragrance, Italian Fig, by using bright colours and statement graphics to catch the eye of customers.

We kicked off the campaign with a creative photo shoot, drawing inspiration from vibrant colours, playful shapes and quirky ideas. The lighting was kept bright and fresh to ensure the products and props stood out, as colour was key. With Italian hints in each photo, we successfully managed to bring the product to life and had a lot of fun styling the shoot.

Our design team have created everything from window displays and in store promotional stands, to strut cards and shelf wobblers. Taking inspiration from colourful Italian buildings we created a twist on tradition by injecting bright colours and bold fonts into the campaign. We used oversized photographic figs mixed with illustrated leaves throughout the campaign as well as incorporating the campaign photography.

We followed the fig tree through to the promo table, creating a playful and eye catching display, thinking about how the Italian Fig products will be merchandised.

To launch their campaign, we created a range of social media visuals to tempt customers into trying the new products and encourage them to share photos of the products on social media.

From concepts to creative photography to in-store and online campaign, we covered all bases with this brief and enjoyed the whole process. Keep an eye out for Zohoor Alreef’s Ramadan brochure and next campaign!

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