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Step into Summer Style

Step into Summer Style with FG4 London

It’s been a big month for FG4 London, and for Red Creative too. With the introduction of the fashion brand’s shiny new website (look out for our upcoming blog post) and the launch of their new FG4 Women’s Summer campaign, it’s been a busy but exciting few weeks for all!

As the Arabian climate transitions through the cooler days of Spring to the heat of Summer; the wardrobe of FG4’s style conscious Saudi customer is also heating up. The new collection mixes together soft pastels of rose, mocha and sage in light floating fabrics, with bolder statement looks of red, shimmering gold and black; making the collection perfect for any occasion. The biggest of all being Ramadan: the time to celebrate in style! With glittering gowns and embroidered separates, the Saudi woman has no excuse not to dress up for festival season.

FG4 Womenswear Summer and Ramadan Campaign 2017

To compliment the tonal hues of the collection, Red was challenged with creating an equally muted backdrop that could show the pieces in all their glory, and tie the varied collection together for the Lookbook. With a strong influence of floral in the new collection we created a simple but interesting backdrop, using a trailing rose arrangement and textured oyster coloured wall, achieving an elegant walled garden setting to escape the heat of the sun. ­­­

A lot of hard work went into creating the campaign, from photography at our London studio, to retouching and design - we think you’ll agree the result looks simply stunning – which is after all, the only way to see in the Summer!

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