• Kenson Tyler-Lai

Food Glorious Food

We all love our comfort food, especially in the colder months, so we thought we would capture this through a photographic story of temptingly rustic images. With food as the focus, lighting is key to define textures and make the food look beautifully appetising. So we wanted to explore different lighting techniques to convey a unique look and feel across each image.

The first image draws inspiration from the classic literature of Miss Havisham. Using soft lighting and cool tones, paired with a shallow depth of field to throw the props out of focus, we created a soft and feminine feel.

For the second image we used the same hot chocolate as the focus, but re-styled the setup to dramatically change the mood of the photo. The layered slate brought out the rustic blue tones of the cup, creating a warm and cosy feel, finished it off with a sweet dusting of icing sugar.

The third and final image was shot using harsher lighting, this time cast upon a deliciously fresh bloomer. The setup was inspired by a rustic home, using lots of natural materials and greenery to create the illusion of an old farm kitchen in the early hours of the morning.

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