• Kenson Tyler-Lai

Midnight Garden

The photography team have been experimenting with beauty portraiture, creating a series of stunning images that captures the beauty through close-up shots. Our photographer Adam, took inspiration from Pre-Raphaelites like John Everett Millais and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and the 'Like A Painting' series of Lily Cole for Vogue Italia. The aim was to have a strong and dark theme, whilst juxtaposing the scene with a softly lit model. Focussing heavily on the beauty of the scene, makeup artist Natalia Osipova and our stylist Lucy worked together to achieve this whilst our model, Mimi Labouchere achieved strong yet feminine poses.

With no easy access to a location filled with ivy and with the cold winter days still lingering, the studio was an ideal location for the shoot. This allowed the light to be controlled and to help keep a well-lit look for the images (and to keep the model warm!). The images were shot in-house with an initial mock-up of the ivy background, with the intention of using this to help add a composite real ivy background into the scene. The actual ivy used was shot in a rural location out in the countryside and added in by the post-production team.

> Photographer – Adam Rowney

> Stylist - Lucy Higgins

> Makeup Artist –Natalia Osipova

> Model – Mimi Labouchere

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