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Meet our Stylists

Paige Anthony


Paige is the newest member of our team, fresh from Brighton University where she styled, photographed and illustrated her own magazine. Her look is eccentric and colourful with a touch of grunge, pulling style inspirations from sportswear mixed with Harajuku subculture. Within the company she is part of the social media team, as well as in house styling for still life and model ecom imagery.

If you could style anyone?

'Miley Cyrus'

Favourite fashion icon?

'Baddie Winkle, she is living proof you’re never to old to wear what you want'

Key Pieces for S/S 2017?

'Pastel Sequins'

Lucy Higgins


Lucy graduated with a degree in photojournalism from Leeds University and went on to intern in London at Matches Fashion and TopShop Studio. Lucy is about to complete her first year as a Junior Stylist, having worked on a variety of still life, ecom and editorial projects with the company. Lucy is influenced by 90’s vintage and contemporary style. In her spare time Lucy likes to explore areas and markets of south east London.

If you could work with any model?

'Adwoa Aboah. I feel like we share the same love for leopard print. '

Style Inspirations?

'Cliché, but Alexa Chung. Also, fashion blogger Mimi Elashiry.'

What could you not do your job without?

'Yorkshire tea.'

Sophie Brewster

Megan Redden

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