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Our End To End Production.

All our fabulous creative ideas and stunning photoshoots can't happen without our amazing production team who work seamlessly around the shoots with our design team to provide an end-to-end experience. 

We push visual boundaries everyday. It's our thing.


Model casting

Set Building

Product logging 

Location hunting



Hair and Make-up

Client attend suites


Content Creation


Motion Designers



Digital Content

Print Content



Pre Shoot.

As a 360 agency we cover all aspects of your shoot day. From model casting to set building in our studio we ensure everything is prepared for your day. 

Our location scouts are always on the search for new venues to produce wonderful content in;

feel free to get in contact and your venue

could feature in our next big shoot.

Shoot ideas are developed and evolved into fully briefed concepts across the entire team.

Pre Shoot
Studio Set Tabletop Photography

Shoot Day.

Inspired by storytelling and new technology, our production department produce advertising and print campaigns, brand videos, fashion shows and e-commerce photoshoots that engage audiences across TV, print, online, mobile and in-store.


Our speciality is smart shooting.

Shoot Day
Model Photography Behind The Scenes

Post Production.

Red offers high-end creative retouching for

all photographic and video projects from

e-commerce to campaign. 

Our videography post-production facilities

are all supported by a dedicated in house

team of editors, colourists and retouchers. 

Post Production Retouch


Our no nonsense approach to deadlines, delivers projects to market efficiently, on time, every time with commercial awareness. 

We are conceptually design focused, seamlessly targeting your customer both offline and online. From your high street store to your bespoke website and social media communication, we build brands.

Graphic Design and Artworking
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